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A psychedelic storm rages over The Netherlands, and its name is Heath. Their upcoming debut album "Isaak's Marble" marks the beginning of a long story and opens the door to the world of Heath, where anything is possible. Odd time signatures, blazing harmonica, and hypnotic guitars accompanied by narrative lyrics create an enchanting journey. Along with the genre-defying nature of their songs and the unique "vintage modern" sound, Heath is known for their highly energetic live shows, which can easily last an hour and a half if given the chance. After the release of their first single in early 2023, 3voor12 Den Haag referred to the quintet as a "promise from The Hague," and this promise was fulfilled later this year when they received the Music Support Award, presented by the Hague Pop Week.

"We can't get any closer to Woodstock '69; this music remains excellent until the heat death of the solar system." - 3voor12 Leiden


March 19th - Radio Tonka, Den Haag 
April 23rd - The Grey Space, Den Haag 
May 28th - Sniester Festival - Skatestore, Den Haag
August 27th - Scheveningen Surf Festival - Den Haag
October 13th - Haagse Popweek - Paardcafe, Den Haag
October 28th - Nobel Awards - BplusC, Leiden
December 18th - Nobel Awards Finals - Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden


February 1st - Blooming Music invites Heath - Musicon, Den Haag
February 25th - Café & Poppodium Stathe, Utrecht
April 1st - Holy Havoc Festival  - Popradar,  Den Haag
April 8th - Interstellar Solar Fest - Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden

May 20th - Zuster Zonnebloem support - Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden

May 27th - Zuster Zonnebloem support - Cinetol, Amsterdam

May 31st - Lola's Dice support - Hall of Fame, Tilburg

June 3rd - Kade Rock Festival - Den Haag

June 15th - Streaming Emotions - Paard, Den Haag

June 24th - Barraka Bash - Barraka, Den Haag 

July 8th - Pigstock Festival, Lemele

August 20th - Live aan de Kade, Delft

September 5th - Dream Machine support - Cinetol, Amsterdam

September 21st - Café Hofman, Utrecht 

September 28th - The Happening - Laaktheater, Den Haag

October 13th - 3voor12 Den Haag Clubtour - Zwarte Ruiter, Den Haag 

October 21st - Vogelverschrikkerfestival, Valkenswaard

October 27th - The Grand East support - Rotown, Rotterdam 

November 18th - Psychedelicious - Resistor, Leiden

December 7th - 3voor12 Leiden Club night - Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden

December 8th - The Tambles support - So What, Gouda


January 12th - Radio Gouwestad, Gouda
January 18th - Pinguin Showcases - De Drie Gezusters, Groningen

April 17th - Schouwburg, Venray

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